The power of Progressive Web Apps

Developed under Angular 6.0, Progressive Web Apps, or PWA, are a new way to enhance the user experience you deliver on the Web. Multi-platform, they offer features that were previously reserved only for native apps.

Why create a Progressive Web App?


Increase the visibility of your business thanks to the presence of your application on the search engines. Optimize your SEO and enjoy a discoverability incomparable to that offered by the stores.

No download

Progressive Web Apps do not require installation to be viewed, allowing you to make your content easily accessible and thus removing the constraint of installing the app.

First App

Originally designed for mobile, Progressive Web Apps offer a perfect user experience, bringing mobile development codes to all other screen types.


Progressive Web Apps are multi platform. They adapt perfectly to the type of screen on which they are used: mobile, tablet or desktop. Both in terms of design and functionality.

Boost your mobile engagement

Progressive Web Apps have an average of 3x more visitors than native apps and 8x longer sessions than regular websites. Arguments that make it an indispensable tool for your business, both to attract new visitors and to engage your existing community.

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